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What is Acronis backup ?

Acronis is a perfect choice and the best for everyone

What is Acronis?

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (Was Known As Acronis True Image) Is A Data Protection Package Designed By Acronis International GmbH Used To Protect Cyber Systems From Ransomware (One Of Many Types Of Malwares Cryptovirology That Threatens Users’ Personal Data On The Systems) And Its Acronis Help In Retrieving Any Missing Data By Backup, Restoring Simple Files Or Even Entire Systems From A Backup Archive That Has Been Create By Acronis Itself Upon Installation.  Acronis Also Offer Enterprise File Sync And Share (Or EFSS For Short) Data Across Virtual, Cloud, Mobile And Physical Environments. Acronis Is Wildly Used Around The World By Operating In 145+ Countries And Acronis Also Claim That The Software Has More Than Half A Million Business Users And More Than 5 Million Users Around The Globe.

What Types of Features That Acronis Have?

1. Backup

In Acronis, it can create 2 types of recovery:

    • The first type of recovery is File Backup which helps the user to retrieve user-specific files and directories but does not retrieve the metadata of the disk or partition

    • The second type of recovery is Full systems images retrieve files, disk metadata, and directories

2. Local Backup

Acronis can back up a whole computer, specified disks, or files to a user-specified local location. The program can run incremental, differential, and complete backups. Every time, Full backs up everything the user specifies in a brand-new backup archive. Differential backups only retrieve changes that have occurred since the most recent full backup, while incremental backups only store changes that have occurred since the most recent incremental backup.

3. Cloud backup (premium users only)     

Users can choose to store their backup archives in any of Acronis’s global data centers and on top of that, Premium users can save up to 1 TB of cloud space.

4. Recovery and restoration

Acronis allows users to utilize either pre-installation Acronis discs or the program’s user interface to restore files from a complete drive or a file-based archive.

Disk cloning

       The program has the ability to duplicate the data on one physical storage device (such as an SSD, HDD, or NVMe) onto another disk. The drive does not need to be formatted before data may be cloned to it; nevertheless, the amount of space on the disk must be at least equal to the size of the data being cloned.  Cloning strives to keep the disk metadata intact.

5. Reverting changes

Users of Acronis can safeguard specific disk drives from unauthorized alterations and undo them if necessary. In place of virtual machines, this can be used to build safe environments that are quick to roll back from within the software.

What are the pros and cons of Acronis backup?





Huge variety of backup and recovery tools

Possible incompatibility between versions

Easy to restore and recover lost data

Unwanted advertisements

Impressive backup capabilities 

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