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Kaspersky solution

kaspersky solution

Individuals or companies usually suffer from malicious attacks that violate the confidentiality of the information stored on our computers. We are looking for a solution to confront this problem and maintain the confidentiality and security of data. What program provides this protection? Are there other services provided by this program?


It is an anti-virus program that can be activated on personal computers in a simple and effective manner Protects Windows from hackers and cryptographic attacks

Featuring :

1.. Easy to update and fix bugs
2.. Runs quietly in the background
3.. Not heavy on device resources
4.. Anti-ransomware and prevent home network hackers from entering your device and accessing your data
5.. It protects you from common real-time threats, address spoofing, as well as complex threats
6.. Remove threats including spyware, adware, XSS attacks, and hard-to-detect Trojans



1.. improve the performance.
2..Anti phishing.
3..Real time antivirus

Internet Security​

1..Managing time spent in front of the screen
2..Strong and fast vpn.

Total Security​

1..Locating the child via GPS.
2..File Protection.
3..Password manager.