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How To Transfer Files Within Companies Safely And Confidentially

Transferring files is a very important process for your organization, and since you are reading this article, you must be facing a problem in transferring files in the company, either in the storage space or in transferring files safely.

In our report, we will talk about a problem that most companies suffer from when transferring files, as they use public services that do not have high security, There is no limitation of permissions for users such as drop box, Google drive.Let’s see how Ghadeer Company dealt with this problemIn the beginning, Ghadeer Company had a local server and users connected to the server and stored their files on it

But There Was More Than One Problem

  1. When maintaining a hard disk, the files shared with all companies or employees stopped because this server stopped
  2. We have a very high usage, which means full storage, and therefore users cannot store because the space is limited
  3. If there is a problem with the server, we cannot modify it because all employees work on this server, and we cannot stop all users
  4. We cannot connect this server to the cloud or perform backup
  5. We need a system image backup program that takes a picture or backup of the Windows system so that if a problem occurs, we can restore this backup and everything returns as it was from programs, files and even things for the user

The solution was to rely on companies that backup and restore computers and servers, such as Veam, Acronis But this solution is not the best for many reasons, such as that this program will be downloaded to the server and control the backup, and it will also be downloaded to the client to take from this backup In addition, the cost of solutions is very expensive for a small to medium enterprise , So this solution is not the best

But the problems with this method are

  1. All files are stored in one place, and any attack, virus, encryption, loss, or even accidental deletion, all data will be lost forever because there is no backup
  2. The server is single and contains all the data, the workload is high and we cannot do any new operation because of high traffic for the network or high processing, as the system becomes slow in all branches

This server works with the RAID 1 mechanism, and it is known that this mechanism is called the mirror that divides the hard disk into two parts, so the average disk usage is 50%

Stages Of Problem Solving And Results:

In fact, what the company has done is searching for a new way, which is to find something that can own a storage server that secures the solutions or programs that allow us to take a backup of the server and the client without downloading a program that controls the server because even the server is vulnerable to attack and penetration This was achieved by Synology, a Taiwanese company that is interested in the field of backup Where it give the (pays-hard disk boxes), which is a box with more than one hard disk inside and works as a server.
It also has an operating system based on Linux and has all the solutions related to backup, which are:

  1. backup solutions
  2.  mobile app
  3. public
  4. We can integrate many services such as acronis using the sync service
  5.  We can back up any computer
  6.  We do not need many programs on the server
  7.  The feature of linking the email to the server
  8.  Synology chat It is a chat database and chat application on NAS server
  9.  backup website
  10.  The possibility of developing special services for the company


This method has saved us many things

  1.  The cost, that is, there is no annual or monthly payment of money. In the past, we used to buy a program to copy files from the first server to the second server, anti-virus programs, chat programs, tools and others..
  2.  Technical support
  3. Modern technology

The Benefits for the Company Were Great and They are

1) The company owns 16 terabytes instead of 3 terabytes
2) Store all company data
3) It has a backup in case it was hacked, leaked, virus or deleted by mistake
4) Free daily storage for important computers (accountant, manager, etc…)
5) Synchronize to backup important files on a daily basis
6) The server turns on and off by itself without anyone touching it
7) Online 24 hours and updates by itself
8) The server is connected to more than one service
9) Set permissions for all users
10) When a problem occurs, a notification is sent to the e-mail
11) Files stored in servers are encrypted
12) High flexibility to develop anything because it is based on Linux
13) Free
14) The hard disk health service to check the hard disk
15) Chat is free
16) C2 storage cloud Important things are copied twice, once to the cloud and once to the NAS  

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