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Cyber Security Solutions

It is necessary to use servers with high storage capacities that provide secure sharing for their users and preserve data from loss, especially in business companies that maintain the confidentiality and security of their information and the privacy of employees and users.

Therefore, Clouds Zone provides this service to its users in an easy and fast way

What does server mean? And why is it safer? And what are the categories of services provided by Clouds Zone Company?

The Server

It is a computer with high capabilities (internet connection, high speed, work 24 hours). It can be controlled through the local network or remotely (inside or outside the company).

The use of server:

Why it's more safe?

Hardware and solutions for monitoring, filtering and protecting networks and technical resources

Load Balancer Server

It is an essential component of infrastructure, as it is used to improve performance and stability of various services on the network.

Network Attached Storage

A second storage device maintains data and share via LAN efficiently and simply.


It is a necessary measure to protect your site from many malicious attacks and viruses.

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