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Wireless Business

Wireless Business

What are wireless networks?

A wireless network allows devices to stay connected to the network but by roaming without being connected by any wires. Access points amplify Wi-Fi signals, so a device can be kept away from the router while still connected to the network. When you connect to a WiFi hotspot in a coffee shop, hotel, airport lounge, or other public place, you are connecting to that company’s wireless network.

Previously, we believed that wired networks were faster and more secure than wireless networks. However, continuous improvements in wireless network technology such as the Wi-Fi 6 standard have narrowed the speed and security differences between wired and wireless networks.

Our products in the field of wireless networks

Wi-Fi 6 Amplifier 3x

to cover large areas and with high efficiency.

425.25 SAR

Access Point

Enables devices that do not have built-in wireless to connect to the wireless network.

425.25 SAR


to retransmit the signal more strongly to the boundaries of a wider geographical network

425.25 SAR

Wi-Fi 6 Amplifier 2x

to cover large areas and with high efficiency.

1.575 SAR

Features And Benefits

With more devices connecting to your network, you need solutions that offer security, speed, and reliability. Our wireless solutions which include Cisco DNA Center, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and wireless controllers can help meet today’s business demands and user expectations.

Our products in the field of Security Cameras

Indoor Cam 5MP

309.75 SAR

NVR with PoE

1417.50 SAR

Video Door Phone

525 SAR

Intercom Screein & out intercom

1354.50 SAR