We offer  a training service and  scholarship for University Students. To gain the real world experience and understands the current requirement s in all IT fields.

Cloud Computing

Our expert team will provide you on hand experience on cloud computing and different public and privet vendors. like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Saudi based cloud computing, Ali baba, VBS. and different technologies that targets web developers, professionals, cloud engineers, and cyber security engineers.
In this section you’ll learn more about cloud comprehensive computing, integration, uploading,  publishing, Agile style development.

< / Web Development >

Our talented and awesome developers will give you first-hand knowledge and experience  about different modern technologies that will give you a chance to learn more about

Websites integrations

API management

Advanced eCommerce

Cloud and live publishing

 our team will lead you to work with different modern and trend technologies like WordPress,  php Laravel framework, ASP.NET framework, Microsoft framework. Along with tools for APIs testing, version control, and hosting services.

Business Cloud Solutions

Business cloud solutions will give you advanced and practical knowledge about ERP systems, like Microsoft business center, Zoho, accounting systems, you will gain an overview about how  the cloud system is working and how cloud business are working and integrated.

Cyber Security

Our awesome “Hackers” will give on hand experience and projects of cyber security solutions like end point protections system, Kaspersky, FortiNet, Sophos, Nessus, cyber security on Vulnerability Assessment, and much more like:

Simulate the real hacking attempt to a website or corporate network with the most advanced techniques.

Response to active attack that target website such as DDoS attack or targeting network attack.

Detailed investigation of post incident or exploitation, handle any cyber crimes, that includes Wallander’s methodology, recovering recent deleted files, analysis of all events activities.

Website security testing and Vulnerability Analysis, Scanning, exploiting OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, using well advanced techniques to simulate a real hacking activity.

Work environment

One of the keys to success work environment is our Continuous Improvement for teams. members work together to establish quarterly goals, develop recommendations, and follow through to make approved changes. and they never forget to have fun throw the journey.
We use the best Tools for team and tasks management, where you can hand your tasks with all it’s resources easily.

Skills You Will Gain:
– Task Management Knowledge.
– International Community.
– Problem solving skills.
– Professional Project Management Skills

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