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Cyber Security Professional Services

Cyber Security Services

With the increase of the cyber threat through malicious software that aims to penetrate or disable devices, and spread malicious software through an unwanted email attachment of various types such as Trojan as they cause data corruption and the risk continues with ransomware that encrypts files, with Threatening to erase it unless a ransom is paid.


Therefore, Clouds Zone offers you the best protection services in cybersecurity in the defense of computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data through: Make your network more secure from any hardware intrusion, whether they are targeted attackers or malware, also, scan apps for any bugs or modifications that might threaten your data, focus on keeping software and hardware free from threats.

Penetration Testing

Simulate the real hacking attempt to your website or corporate network with the most advanced techniques.

Incident Response

Response to active attack that target website such As DDoS attack or targeting network attack.

Digital Forensics

Detailed investigation of post incident or exploitation, handle any cyber crimes, that includes well standards methodology, recovering recent deleted files, analysis of all event activities.

Website Security Assessment

Website security testing and vulnerability analysis, scanning, exploiting OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, using well advanced technique to simulate a real hacking activity.

Firewall Solutions

Clouds Zone offer a very strong protection Firewall from Kaspersky Enterprise moving to Cloud Based Firewall to protect and analyze real time traffic.

End Point Security

We care about your business PCs, Computers, Laptop by providing an end point protection programs to prevent end users hacking, viruses, phishing websites and more.

Email Security​

Clouds Zone offer email level protection solution by encrypting, hashing, end-2-end encryption, phishing detection, attachment analysis.

Data Security

Data is more critical value in future business, Clouds Zone offer encrypted sharing, storage, backup data management, with Desktop Applications and Cloud Based System.

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We also Specialize in Providing Penetration Testing Services:

  • Recent Breach (check, monitor, and prevent it from expanding)
  • Submit a law suite report (hack has already been done and the data has been stolen or destroyed)
  • Penetration Testing (Bank – Website – Company System – Corporate Servers)
  • Black-box penetration test
  • White-box penetration test
  • Gray-box penetration test
  • Protect yourself with Clouds Zone

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