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Aliphia Accounting System

Smart Accounting System

Aliphia Accounting System is a Cloud Based System that help companies to make online invoice, Purchasing Orders, and other accoungint documents under your clicks. Comply with ZATKA Rules, QR Code, Online Invoice, Monitoring Dashboard and many more.

Alev Accounting People

Cloud Solution

Cloud computing represents a dramatic shift in how infrastructure and applications are delivered, but getting there involves much more than just the replacement of physical IT assets with a virtual environment. Effectively implemented, cloud can transform business processes, improve security, increase flexibility, drive cost savings and offer environmental efficiencies. Cloud zone offers a broad portfolio of professional services aimed at ensuring our clients’ successful deployment, adoption and exploitation of cloud computing.

Branch connection

Networking Solution

Cloud zone Solutions unified networking solution enables anytime, anywhere, secure communications throughout your company and across the Internet. This is achieved by its ability to bring core networking functions together, including routing, switching, security, WAN optimization and Internet services. Cloud zone network systems end-to-end approach allows technical staff to manage the network centrally

Backup Data Solution Veeam

Protect your data with the market leader

Operating a small business can be overwhelming. You’re managing your own IT with limited time, smaller budgets and fewer resources. You’re forced to do more with less. 

This is why you need a backup solution that just works and can save you valuable time and money.

Cloud Solution

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