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Google solutions
Google provides many of the services that we need in our daily lives. You use Google at least once a day to search for something, watch a video, open a map, or ..etc. This is what we all know about Google and its great services. But have you ever asked yourself does Google provide useful solutions or services for business? We’ll let you know before you ask, Yes, Google provides many great services for business sector, we will learn about them below.

Google Cloud

Digital transformation is more than just ‘lifting and shifting’ legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost and convenience. True transformation spans the entire business and empowers every person to transform. We deeply understand the requirements of current technology and the need for continuous innovation. That’s why organizations are building their own transformation cloud and solving their biggest challenges with Google Cloud. to know more details you can contact us.
Google cloud

G Suite

G Suite is Google’s entry business productivity package. It’s low-cost and offers storage, you get full access to Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and Meet, when you signup for G Suite, all users in your organization get a package of email, productivity, and collaboration tools.

How to move to G Suite?

With Clouds Zone, you can easily switch to G Suite, whatever previous provider, with keep privacy and security without losing information.